What is SquadSolve? 

SquadSolve is a text messaged based mystery that sends clues to a woman and her best friend to actually solve together during the week. Each week is like an episode in a 4-week season — each week ends with a plot twist and you'll have full closure by the end of the season.

SquadSolve stories are designed to send each person 1-2 clues a day Monday to Friday. This lets you and your friend solve it together at your own pace.  Women say they spend 15-20 minutes a day discussing clues together to start building their theories. 

Don't worry — you won't be alone. SquadSolve stories are mediated by a key character and you're encouraged to share theories and questions with him. This allows you to experience actually solving a real mystery and validate if you and your partner are on the right track. Who is he? Just text "SLEUTH" to (415)-993-9995 for an introduction. 

Wait... is this key character a real person?

Yes — there is an actual person on the other side of the clues you receive. You will receive a response to any question or theory you text Rosie's lawyer, Steve Filersky. You and your partner's experience will be completely unique based on your interaction with Steve.

Keep in mind — he's agreed to help you and your partner piece these secrets together during his work week, too. We recommend trying to catch him during his lunch breaks, between client meetings, or as he wraps up for the day. We've found he's a bit of a workaholic and very curious about these secrets, so it's not too hard to get a hold of him. 

Psst — Steve might know more useful information than he lets on, but you didn't hear it from us...

Okay — what does it cost?

All four weeks of SquadSolve are completely free! Seriously. We won't ask for your credit card information once during or after sign up.  

We are a very young, women led startup. Our mission is to create adventures for best friends to share that fit into their separate lifestyles. We want to share SquadSolve with as many women as possible. Referrals and constructive feedback are the best payment you can give us! 

My partner and I got behind. Can we jump back in?

As exciting as solving Rosie's case is, we want it to fit into your life. We recommend looking at clues in the order they were text to you to when you're able to catch up. 

We always start sending clues on Monday.  If you aren't able to unlock Friday's key document and progress to the next week's clues, text Steve that you need to PAUSE. You have until the next Monday to catch up. Just text Steve when you've finally unlocked it or need any help. 

Can I do it with more than one friend? 

Or by myself?

Our experience is currently designed to share an experience with a friend one-on-one. We highly encourage sharing it with a friend you don't get to see in person regularly who likes getting to the bottom of secrets! Other women who wanted to include a group of friends have signed up the group in pairs. This allows the group to do SquadSolve at the same time and share theories together. Currently, our experience covers one story line, but we're working to create more! Check back if you'd like to share a one-on-one SquadSolve experience with a different person. 

Although we have had people sign themselves up as their own partner, we encourage you to do it with a partner. The experience is designed for the story to build across two people, so individuals have shared later that it would have been more exciting with another person. We've had women partner up with best friends, siblings, co-workers, and parents — anyone with a lot of curiosity will enjoy it! 

SquadSolve is completely run via text messages?

Yes, we operate both the story experience and customer service via SMS/MMS text messages straight to your phone. In fact, feel free to text our SquadSolve Information number at any time if you have any questions at (312)-667-2646.

By signing up to start a SquadSolve story with a friend, you agree that you're comfortable receiving texts from us. SquadSolve will never sell or grant access to your information in any way, shape, or form. Standard text messaging rates with your carrier will apply. We encourage texting back to our numbers to ensure you receive every clue through your carrier. 

If you wish to stop solving the mystery, text "LEAVE" to Steve. You can always text "START" to Steve's number to pick back up. 

How much of this is real?

Think of a SquadSolve story like a historical mystery. Although the main characters are fictional, we've incorporated several real and historically accurate details into the plot. As the story progresses, you and your partner may find that a little research provides more context and depth to the story. Full time investigators use Google, too.