Solve a mystery with your best friend

from clues text straight to your phone

Only 50 pairs selected to take on the case each week

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Images of clues will be text to you and your partner during the week — documents, letters, tickets, etc. You'll get 1-2 different clues each day Monday - Friday. Just like a real investigation. 


Each SquadSolve mystery is like a TV show season. Each week is like an episode in a 4-week plot — with Friday's clues unlocking a plot twist. The story and intrigue build as you solve each week together. 


You and your partner will help a lawyer fulfill a client's last wish. He is a real person who will answer your questions, share more information, and steer you in the right path. Text him as you solve the case.  


“It's time they know the Murdoch family secrets.”

Rosie Murdoch Byres is fatally ill and has a mysterious final request. She has asked her lawyer, Steve Filersky, to share hidden files on the Murdoch family secret with two strangers to piece the truth together. 

Steve will text you clues to solve Rosie’s family secret. You'll each have unlimited access to ask Steve questions and validate your theories. Anything you share with Steve is answered by a real person, who is just as curious about Rosie’s secret as you are.

If you wish to pause solving the mystery, text "LEAVE" to Steve. You can always text "START" to Steve's number to pick back up. 

Steve is very anxious to see what you uncover...


We’re like Nancy Drew and Carmen San Diego! We are definitely solving every secret in Rosie’s case to the end.
— Mariah

It’s empowering to actually investigate with my best friend. We get so excited to text Steve our theories!
— Nicole

I literally created a murder board in my cubicle and now all my colleagues are jealous. Love using my sleuth skills!
— Morgan